How we help your event succeed


At The Stribe we turn your idea in to a full-fledged event plan and ensure that you have the perfect connections and resoruces to make your idea a reality.

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Whether its marketing, logistics, venues construction or minor details, we ensure that events are produced on time and on budget.

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On the day mangement will be the most stressful moment in this entire processs, so you need to be prepared. The Stribe will take care of all management on the day over your event. This includes; security, safety, site maintenance, staff roles and any other services involved in delivering your event to the best standard possible.

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Believe it or not, reviewing your event is the most important stage of this journey. The Stribe will analyse and review data collected from your event and create a report on how we believe you can improve your next event.

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The Valuable Services We offer

Some Of Our Great Services

Set Up a Party

Want the perfect party to celebrate an occasion? We create bespoke parties utilising nightclubs, bars or open spaces.

Set Up a Seminar/Workshop

Wanting to show off your skills, teach others, or share about your expeirneces? We can create the perfect event for you to do so.

Set Up a Keynote/Conference

Want to reach your taregt audience through a keynote or are you looking to host a confernece in a specific field?

Set Up a PR Stunt/Product Launch

Want to reach thousand's of people? The Stribe can help you reach your taregt audience using mutltiple styles of PR Stunts.

Set Up an Entertainment Event

From music festivals and concerts to food and trade festivals, The Stribe can bring your entertainment ideas to life.

Set Up a Charity Event

Want to support a cause or raise money for a charity, The Stribe can help you create the perfect event to achieve your goal.

Set Up a Sports Event

Looking to host a sporting event? We can help you plan, produce, deliver and review any event you throw at us.

Set Up a Corporate Event

Want to gather a group of business people together using a mutlitude of creative styles to have attendees wanting more and more?

Request Bespoke Services

We can also forfil bespoke service requests. From custom events, to event services, we are always able to help you achieve your event goals.